About us

Our Leaders

Charles and Molly Chua have been pastoring the church as overseas mission workers from Singapore for the past 11 years. Together with their daughter Annabel they have been faithfully serving the church community with hospitality and love. Two pastors by education, Charles and Molly form a strong, grounded team to lead the church forward in Biblical knowledge, faith and dependence upon the Lord Jesus. Read more about their journey here.


Our community

English Corner

Following God’s calling to Wales, thinking they would serve only the Welsh people, little did Charles and Molly know about the plans the Lord had for them. Over the past 11 years, God has allowed the church to grow and to serve a much wider community, reaching international students and friends from all over the world.

English Corner was born out of a very present need in a few students’ lives. From an encounter with two lost Chinese students unable to find their way around Swansea, a small act of kindness was to have an immense impact on thousands of students’ lives. Charles and Molly took the two students to a Chinese shop before driving them home. Over a cup of tea, the students uttered their plea: ‘we need someone to help us with our English!’

The church elders and members, although feeling inadequate, stepped in as English teachers on a weekly basis, and ‘English Corner’ grew rapidly, from 9, to 19, to 29 Chinese students in 3 weeks!

Over the years, English Corner has developed to become an international community linked with the Universities and Language Schools in Swansea. During some events, students and visitors from over 20 different countries have gathered together to chat and have fun, learning English and more about the Welsh culture, and also learning more about the other different countries represented.

Bible Studies

Some students, knowing that the English Corner is next to the Argyle & Rhyddings Park church, started requesting more opportunities for studying English, combining it with a curiosity of learning more about the Bible. In subsequent years, many students have come to know the Lord Jesus as their Saviour, and they and others have come to appreciate opportunities to study the Bible with the Chua family or other volunteers from the church.

Knowing the Word of God, which pierces hearts and reveals more about God, the Word which rebukes, corrects, teaches and trains in righteousness, is essential in a daily walk in dependence upon the Lord and Saviour Jesus. This forms the basis of the Biblical foundation the church so values.

A multi-cultural church

Today, our church community consists of Welsh and Chinese, Asians, Europeans and Africans, all coming together to share fellowship and to learn more about the Lord Jesus and to worship God together in a united voice across the cultural differences.

Molly and Charles